Animation Paintants


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“Particle is a term used in animation, physics of sound, science and popular culture to describe the dynamic relationship of components engaging with each other in space and time. The word points to many phenomena of contemporary relevance and interacts with other concepts such as multitude, multiplicity, and clusters.
Within this framework, the main idea of Particles is to construct a temporary map-like general structure engaging the characteristics that are relevant to sound and image: durations, behaviors, moods and densities. This structure is unstable but generative, unpredictable in its flow like particles themselves…”

Cover notes, Particles, 2010.

“…One way in is to begin with the computer generated animation…which is called Gesture’s Responsibities. As Marcaccio points out, this, the only moving image in the show, is the one that most holds viewers in place; seemingly time-based and documentary, it is pure, atemporal invention. These paradoxes tip us off to one essential element of his process, which is generating heat through internal contradictions…”

Nancy Princenthal, Art in America, “Fabian Marcaccio: Paintant’s Progress”, Jan.; pp.62-65, 119