Paintants are abstract based history telling.

Paintants emphasize time-space relations, using pictorial, photo-based and sculptural composites.

There is a dual potential developing over a space-time dynamic: the process of in-formation or pictorial mutation as they in-form and re-form themselves), and a process of giving information via pictorial means.

Paintants are Action painting for the beholder. A territorialized and de-territorialized pictorial zone of active nature, that engage the participant.

Through different degrees of artificiality, from the digital to the analog, Paintants works thorough integration:

  • Street banner- advertising activities.
  • Sculptural-architectonic sequences.
  • Pictorial photo based flows.

When the indexical domain of photography is heavily altered by digital means, an abstract rooted history telling could bring an alternative analytical report, against the constant senseless attack of image in the media arena.

Paintants bring an environmental, retinal, tactile and spatial excess. Finding integration beyond the dialectical, conceptual art critique and the over increasing pure painting practice.

Paintants emphasize an endless series of micro-macro representations as an alternative to the revivals of standard representation and minimalist literal presentations.

Paintant values mutation and corruption as producers of links and resonates with our contemporary multiple realities.

Fabian Marcaccio